Mission Statement

PCO Urethane’s mission is to expand and continually improve the products and services we supply to our customers. We combine quality materials, skilled employees, and new technologies to manufacture high quality, cost effective, custom urethane parts. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction in all we do.

Mike Johnson

About Us

We combine only the highest quality materials and our highly-skilled personnel to produce parts and products to meet your needs. Our experienced staff will work with you to engineer the part or product you need by designing a mold using the latest CAD software. Our full-service machine shop will create high quality production molds, and our production department will manufacture your product using the latest technologies and equipment.

We offer MDI and TDI compounds in hardness ranges of 30 Shore A to 80 Shore D. We are constantly developing new compounds to meet the requirements of our customers. Whether you need a part weighing a few grams to over a hundred pounds, a few parts or thousands,
PCO Urethane will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

We are proud to be part of the Molded Dimensions family which allows us to provide a wide variety of rubber and plastic parts in addition to the polyurethane you know us for. Look to Molded Dimensions to help you with manufacturing and sourcing ALL of your molded part and component needs.