Polyurethane Pipe and Fittings

Armadillo Pipe consists of a specially formulated polyurethane that is an extremely durable and versatile material for use in a wide variety of applications. If abrasion and wear are a problem, whether metal or plastic, polyurethane can often be the solution you are looking for. Armadillo Pipe comes in 10-foot lengths in a variety of sizes. All pipe is produced in accordance with schedule 80 pipe dimensions. Fittings, including elbows, couplings and flanges are also available for use in your application.


Benefits of Armadillo Pipes

Simple Installation

  • Assembly of Armadillo Pipe is fast and easy due to polyurethane’s light weight, saving you labor hours

Abrasion Resistance

  • Rated 10 times better than carbon steel and 15 times better than polyethylene

Chemical Resistance

  • Unaffected by contact with most chemicals; capable of working in both caustic (10ph) and acidic (5ph) environments

Low Coefficient of Friction

  • Less material buildup on walls; 25% less resistant to flow than carbon steel, based on Hazen-Williams coefficient of 150

Translucent Design

  • Able to see blockages for easy cleanout

Conforms to Schedule 80 Pipe

  • Matches bolt holes, diameters, etc. of steel pipe

Coupling Built Into Finished Part

  • The elbows have the coupling built into the finished part, which means less labor and inventory

Long Life

  • Greater wall thickness extends the life of the pipe

Inventory in Stock

  • Fast delivery, less downtime

Common Industries Served

Pulp & Paper


Waste Treatment

Sewage Plants



Power Plants

Sand & Gravel

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