HARVESTHANE Agriculture Products

New high-tech agribusiness requires stronger, tougher, longer life components to keep your potato harvester, cotton picker and combine in the field. Farmers, dairymen and food processors choose PCO Urethane as a preferred product.

HARVESTHANE has proven in field tests to offer superior performance over cast iron or steel sprockets, rollers and shakers. Harvesthane is formulated specifically for vegetable picking.

HARVESTHANE sprockets, rollers and shakers are ideal for equipment used to harvest tomatoes, sugar beets and potatoes in many types of soil conditions

HARVESTHANE sprockets have been tested on CamCo (formerly Dahlman) and Lockwood potato diggers. Tests were run in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, & New Jersey on hundreds of acres over an eight year period.

HARVESTHANE sprockets have prolonged belt life with their flexible tooth design. Sprockets that were on pickers that harvested over 400 acres of potatoes showed little or no wear to either the sprocket or the belt.

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